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10th September 2009


12th February 2006

6:19pm: more CHERRIES!!Collapse )

I think I'm going to move soon. I don't like this blog.

10th February 2006


someone buy me this pleaseCollapse )

I Not Stupid Too is really a great movie. I never cried so much in the movie theatre before!

12th November 2005



This particular entry is found here.

Go read it.

PS: If you are into chinese high boys, read the diary of a chinese high boy too.

Good shit deserves to be spread around!

4th November 2005

12:48am: :)
Perk of the week recent times! : SAMPLER (well, half of them anyway.)

Things should always be this simple. No tension, no tears, no conflict, no pain. Just laughter and joy joy joy.

2nd November 2005

4:09pm: make me happy pleaseCollapse )

28th October 2005

5:57pm: crocs

Why do people think these are attractive? Comfortable, maybe but ATTRACTIVE?

Rant of the day.

15th October 2005


The answer is here.

2nd September 2005

10:33pm: corny harry potter comics rule.

i highly recommend hp_heads and potterscribbles.

look at my icon! dumby love.
Current Mood: sick

28th August 2005

9:59pm: i want new glasses with thick red frames.

10th June 2005

11:00pm: I saw this in a couple of blogs and I decided to post it too.Collapse )

Current Mood: melancholy

27th May 2005

12:50am: GRR.

I missed the oc!

I went to bed at 9.30pm for a nap after setting my alarm for 1015pm.

It never rang.

I woke up at 11.58pm.

Bloody hell!
Current Mood: frustrated

27th April 2005

11:40pm: I feel accomplished. I updated my userinfo and my user pictures. I made this mk icon around a fortnight ago, hoping to enter it for the mka_challenge. Then, I forgot to submit it. Story of my life.
Current Mood: accomplished

24th April 2005

1:23pm: deprived
AHHH! I haven't made icons in such a long time. I haven't had time to enter all the challenges these few weeks. :( The only time I get to use the comp long enough to make a decent icon is the weekend, and its voting time so I can't enter the challenge already. GAH.

23rd April 2005

3:18pm: Ahh I finally made the journal somewhat decent. No more dark pink! Say hello to the new rage of pink - soothing to the eyes and pleasant to see.

Erm, will think of something intelligent to blog about another day.

PS// Isn't the new mood theme cute???
Current Mood: lazy

19th April 2005

11:56pm: So, I had an extraction today again. I hope I will never have to go through the experience again. The whole sensation of your half your mouth numb and your tooth being yanked out by pliers is terrible.

I am so fed up with economics!! The whole topic seems useless to me. The half I understand seems to be just an analysis of common sense and the other half is really confusing me. GRR.

I have to go do the rest of my homework now. :(
Current Mood: tired

10th April 2005

3:17pm: You seriously have to see this: http://jerseygoddess.cyberbottle.com/babybeyonce.html

Turn your speakers on for a good laugh.
Current Mood: blah

5th April 2005

7:59pm: I'm your plain average single eye-lidded girl. THEN WHY DO I HAVE DOUBLE EYE LIDS TODAY?? This morning, it was on my right eye. I looked like a plastic-surgery gone wrong victim. After I took a nap in the afternoon, both my eyes became double eye-lidded. In different ways!

I've become so transparent. Now everyone will know when I didn't sleep well. SHEESH.
Current Mood: tired

4th April 2005

8:53pm: I can't tie my tie properly! I tried searching in google, and I got this. However, my end results are so different from the one shown in the picture there!! This is so pathetic. I shall have to go to school tieless again tomorrow and wait for my great cedar friend to help me tie a nice knot.

The scene in the O.C where Sandy teaches Ryan how to tie a proper tie in the first episode keeps flashing in my mind when I'm trying to figure this mind-boogling activity. Haha, I am a girl and I'm learning how to tie my tie!

I think I'm really hyper now.

I need to get new earphones for my mp3 player. I haven't listened to it for almost a month or more. Wow.
Current Mood: hyper

3rd April 2005

5:34pm: I give up. The journal was not supposed to be like that. Does anyone have a nice long override that allows me to align everything nicely into http://photobucket.com/albums/v672/9roses/qns.gif ? Cos mine is screwed up.
Current Mood: crappy

30th March 2005

8:50pm: So my class wasn't so bad afterall. I just hope I can fit in nicely.

hehe, I won some stuff again!Collapse )
Current Mood: sore

29th March 2005

6:04pm: I skipped school today.

I really really hope I didn't miss anything good, like the finale. GAAHHH.
Current Mood: guilty
11:42am: resources post
Thanks to these wonderful people for their textures and brushes.


I think that's all. I will update if necessary. :)

25th March 2005

11:12pm: HAHAHAHA!

http://xiaxue.blogspot.com is so damn funny.
Current Mood: high
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